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Killifish Organizations


National and local clubs in the Americas

Killi Clubs of the New World.

Statistically there are more species of killifish in the United States than in any other country in the world so perhaps it comes as no great surprise that there are more killifish clubs in the United states than in any other country.

In addition, the American Killifish Association, formed by a group of people, six Americans and guy from Denmark, was also the world first killifish organization and the first specialty aquarium fish society of any kind in the world.


Killifish organizations throughout the world

There are many killifish organizations throughout the world, and it's difficult to imagine a part of the globe that is does not have, or is near a national killifish club of some sort. They're all listed here with current contact information.

Some countries have more than one club, the German DKG for example has regional meetings; there are two clubs in Belgium, one for primarily speakers and another for primarily German speakers.

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