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Feeding Killifish
Feeding Killifish


Alright as an occasional supplement

There isn't enough nutrition in dry food to warrant it being anything other that in occasional emergency measure. Long term it causes obesity and disease.



Killifish arem with a very few minor exceptions, are all carnivores and any lean fresh meat or seafood can be very beneficial. Besides the usual aquarium standbys of beef heart and shrimp there are preserved and frozen foods that can be prepared that are excellent.


The mainstay of many aquarists

Frozen foods - when of high quality - are very good as well.


Simply the best

Live foods are the best food for killifish, period. They may be cultured or collected from a "clean" pond. Scheel and others showed they eat ants, flies, aquatic crustaceans and worms.

Its important to note that the insects that fish eat consume pollen, thus fishes obtain exotic phytonutrients vital to pronounced body color intensity. "Color foods" garner some disdain yet merely supply molecules such as Astaxanthin and others required in trace elements for both the fish health and well being but also optimal pigmentation.

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