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Killifish Species Listings
Killifish Species Listings

Based on Huber. See also aame changes important to hobbyists and complete listing of all killifish family names

In 1965 Danish Killifish guru Col. J.J. Scheel introduced a set of codes in his to abbreviate long killifish names. It was easier to write, or even say "SJO Loe" rather than "Fundulopanchax sjoestedti Loe population" expecially if you write writing the name a lot of times in one document.

Regrettably, Scheel passed away in 1991, but I took it upon myself to keep the list of three letter codes of killifish names going.

This was made somewhat more difficult by the fact the Scheel's codes only covered old world species, and Costa had created a set of three letter codes for new world killies, but that some of them were the same as some that Scheel had used - the name-spaces had collisions.

So I made a list that has both, old world and new world, but without collisions, that is, where Scheel and Costa used the same name, I defer to Scheel and rename Costa's mnemonic.

The list of codes and their species names are presented here in three views; they are listed sorted by the code names, by genus name of by species name.

Aphyosemion lividnum

About these lists of names.

Aphyosemion hera

Aphyosemion herzogei

Lucainia goodei

Museum Code Names

List of all 2000+ Museum Code Names sorted by Alpha, adapted from Sabaj 2020.

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