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Breeding Killies

Albinism in killifish

Large scale industrial breeding of killifish

Musings on the genetics of small populations of killifish

DebUnix has a good article on potentially dangerous genetics in killifish in small populations.


Different methods of breeding killifish

Colors do not matter, but color patterns do


Breeding Setups

There are a number of ways to breed and raise killifish.


Sex determination

We'd like to be able to breed fish and get half males and half females. But killifish are notorious for the phenomenon of "all males" or "all females". Odder still is the phenomenon that these can both happen with the same species bred by two different people. Articles about sex determination can be found here.


Breeding to improve your killies

A summary of Al Mikkelsons article from the April 1973 Killi Notes on outcrossing.

Most people know what inbreeding is, but outbreeding or outcrossing is the opposite. While this article is about guppies, it applies equally to killifish (who share a recent common ancestor with guppies). Of course you don't want to cross different populations of locations of killifish, but it is worthwhile to seek out genetically dissimilar specimens of the same population/location for reasons explained here.

Comparison between the size of Austrolebias eggs. A. monstrosus, A. elongatus, A. wolterstorffi, A. bellottii

lethal: Musings on the genetics of small populations of killifish

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